Remember Damman Hardware?

Realtor Maureen Francis, whose blog provides a wealth of interesting information on a variety of topics (not all real estate related), reports a new Aco Hardware store has popped into a space at 13 Mile and Southfield Road is owned and managed by the former owner of Damman Hardware.

I don’t know if that’s the same people who owned Damman Hardware in Downtown Farmington, but it was nice to see news about a business owner coming back and trying again.



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5 responses to “Remember Damman Hardware?

  1. Chuck

    As a matter of fact there was an article in the Oakland Press about the Damman family returning to the business as an ACO hardware. I also ran in to Bob Damman this last summer at Birchwood Farms north of Harbor Springs. He was in disguise as a golf starter.

  2. Chad

    That new store is an ACE hardware, not ACO (two completely different companies). ACE is a franchise, whereas all ACOs are owned by that company. Bill Damman owns the ACE at 13 Mile and Southfield Rd in Beverly Hills. He was part owner of the now defunct Damman Hardware, along with several other family members.

  3. Joe Damman

    I am the son of Bill Damman, who opened the ACE hardware in the Corners shopping center at 13 mile and Southfield rd. Its nice to hear people liked the store and miss having it around. Chad is right about his comment, and I encourage anyone to come in and check out the new store. If you frequented any of the old locations, you will not be disappointed!

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